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The Lynx is finally out !


On the 28th of April , Canonical Ltd. announced the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , lots of people -including myself- were anxious to try it .and let me tell you this; the Ubuntu community have kept their promise and they have delivered one fine Operating System.

For those of you who are not familiar with Linux; Ubuntu is one of the most famous Linux distributions out there, it is based on Debian, and mainly maintained by Canonical Ltd. and a large community of volunteering developers.
The main reason behind its fame is because of its strong focus on usability and ease of installation for the average user.

Ubuntu 10.04 comes with many features:

Very easy
to install: The install is nothing more than a few mouse clicks and basic options
like timezone, language and name. All these are explained well on the way, and the whole process is dumb-proof.

Hardware compatibility:
once Ubuntu is installed, the Operating System recognizes almost any driver automatically;webcam, network card, sound, and even Graphics. this is a very good feature because whenever you install a fresh copy you don't have to look around for drivers in order to get everything working properly.

Secure: this is probably one of the most important features of them all , The very way a Linux system is designed makes it very difficult for a
virus to function as it does in Windows. This also applies to spyware,
malware, etc. The fact that almost no viruses are written for Linux also
adds a nicer sense of warmth.Wouldn’t be nice to read the almost
endless stream of security holes in Windows and know it does not apply
to you? Wouldn't it be nice to browse a flash card without having to worry if it contains 80 viruses or not ?

eady for use out of the box: unlike Windows, Ubuntu comes with Pre-installed software like: firefox web-browser, Open-Office suit to process a wide variety of documents, Empathy chat client that enables you to chat with friends no matter what chatting services they are using... and many other software that you wouldn't find Pre-installed on windows...

Everything you need is in one place: Ubuntu provides a software center where you can find almost any software you need on any subject; Engineering , Games , Development , Internet , Music and video players you name it ! with a single click you can download and install any software ,and guess what: you can download as much software as you want because it is all free !

Ubuntu can run on almost anything: it only requires a 1 GHz Processor , 512 MB of Memory , and 5 GB of disk space ... and even if these specifications are too much for your machine you can use Xubuntu which is built to run on machines with less capabilities; it only requires 192 MB of Memory and 1.5 GB of disk space.Unlike windows Vista for example which requires a supercomputer to run, compared to the specifications above.

Very fast :
you have no idea how fast Ubuntu can be, even on a relatively old machine, once you try it you will notice how fast the boot process can be.

Ubuntu is free: Do you know that when you buy a computer, a good portion of the money you pay goes to Microsoft in the form of license fees ? However this is not the way with Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular,because as part of the Ubuntu promise; Ubuntu will always be free of charge , you don't have to pay anything for software and software updates.

Fast development:
Ubuntu is being developed at a very fast rate , this is because more people want to contribute and help Ubuntu in becoming more than just an operating system (they like to think of it as a life style).

Large support community:
Ubuntu has one of the largest support communities on the web, mainly consisting of discussion forums, and blogs with lots and lots of tutorials . so whenever you come across a certain problem all you need to do is check the Ubuntu forums, there are people who are willing to help you and set your feet on the right track.

In my following post I will be explaining the process of installing Ubuntu , and getting it ready for use.

It is Summer time


Hey guys ...
After a tense round of final exams ... WE ARE DONE (at least for now) !
We now have some free time to blog.
stay tuned ;)

Rock Your Firefox Browser


In a previous post my friend Elias showed you some of the cool extensions for your Google Chrome. But today it’s all about Firefox. fierfox eating ie
Being a Firefox user for 3 years now, I honestly think that it offers the best internet experience you can get. I’ve never thought of switching  to the old Microsoft internet explorer,  or any other internet browser.
I like Firefox for three main reasons:
  • Firefox is an  open source project which is developed by a large community of volunteering programmers from around the world, who simply believe that  internet browsing should be a good experience and available for everybody.
  • There are LOTs and LOTs of cool extensions that you can easily add to your browser by a single click.
  • Firefox has an outstanding support community on the web, so you’re never out there alone.
OK! enough talking now and lets cut to the chase and make your Firefox browser literally ROCK!
In order to use these extensions, you need to have Firefox running on your machine (DUH!) , you can download and install the latest version of Firefox from here.
ColorfulTabs: if you are tired of the way your tabs look , you can use ColorfulTabs; a cool add-on which allows you to color your tabs the way you like!


Foxtab: This is one cool extension that I really like ; It gives a whole new meaning to web browsing, trust me once you try this extension,  you will kiss tab browsing good-bye . ”just press both right and left mouse button at the same time to activate”


YouTube Video Downloader: I don’t have an internet connection at my place , and I really like to watch YouTube videos often, this add-on allows you to save any YouTube video in many formats allowing you to enjoy watching your videos without worrying about exceeding your internet download limit  :)   


Adblock Plus: Annoyed by adverts, banners and windows popping from nowhere ? then this is the right add-on for you, just install it and regain control of the internet and change the way that you view the web.
Firefox themes : There are lots of themes that you can use to personalize your browser the way you like, whether it is animal, geeky, or even simple themes, I am sure you will find something that will suit you !


Firefox’s philosophy is all about freedom and giving the user an ability to make a choice instead of sticking with a certain one. This is why I think Firefox is one of the best web browsers … you should give it a try !

Best Extensions for your Google Chrome


We at BZU techies believe that the internet is our second home, not school, not university, and especially not work! (this doesn’t mean you should be lazy :D) So we believe that you should feel at home while surfing the internet…And what other tool do we have to do this except our favorite internet browser!


Now for me, Google Chrome is my one and only browser of choice! Google’s philosophy behind it is that browsing should be fast, intuitive and the browser’s interface shouldn’t keep from the good stuff (The internet content), and I couldn’t agree more…

To make browsing even better, Chrome supports extensions, which are tiny programs that add more functionality to Chrome. And while there are hundreds of them, I found some that you should definitely check out!

  • IE Tab : Some websites can only be displayed using IE, so if you don’t have internet explorer or you hate it too much to use it, this extension lets you render websites in Chrome as if you are opening them in IE.
  • Coorliris : If you spend a lot of time on websites such as YouTube, Flickr, Google image search, or you just like to view albums of your friends on Facebook with style, then this extension is for you. It transforms your Chrome into a 3D wall, so you can browse hundreds of pictures and videos effortlessly and have fun while at it.
  • Speed Dial : If you open a group of websites frequently and your bookmarks bar isn’t big enough to squeeze them all, this extension replaces Chrome’s new tab with your predefined visual bookmarks, so that your favorite websites are always two clicks away.Untitled3
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery : Have you been in one of those situations when you’re working on a big form submission on the internet, and oops, you’re cut off, or an error occurred while you’re doing it, and the website asks you to rewrite everything! This extension saves you the trouble, it stores all your form entries so you can fill them again any time you want. 1002
  • Google Dictionary : With this extension, the definition of any word on the web is at the tips of your hands, just highlight the word in question and double click on it, and voila! the definition pop ups. English, French, German and Italian are among the supported languages. Untitled65
  • Feedly : RSS feeds are a way to be notified and receive updates about your favorite websites without the need to constantly check them. But if you have a large RSS feeds database, this becomes rather cumbersome, and tiring. So to keep things smooth, this extension lets you view your feeds in a stylish magazine like webpage with pictures and some sharing options. Untitled
  • AdBlock : Basically, this extension is an anti-ads weapon, it removes ads from websites, it even removes ads that are embedded in YouTube videos! Install this extension and say goodbye to ads.Untitled348231421

Your favorite extension isn’t listed here? Why don’t you share it with us in the comments section, we would love to see how you surf the internet…

Google Chrome isn’t good enough for you? Are you a Mozilla Firefox user? then stay tuned for Issa’s favorite extensions for the Firefox…