Best Extensions for your Google Chrome

We at BZU techies believe that the internet is our second home, not school, not university, and especially not work! (this doesn’t mean you should be lazy :D) So we believe that you should feel at home while surfing the internet…And what other tool do we have to do this except our favorite internet browser!


Now for me, Google Chrome is my one and only browser of choice! Google’s philosophy behind it is that browsing should be fast, intuitive and the browser’s interface shouldn’t keep from the good stuff (The internet content), and I couldn’t agree more…

To make browsing even better, Chrome supports extensions, which are tiny programs that add more functionality to Chrome. And while there are hundreds of them, I found some that you should definitely check out!

  • IE Tab : Some websites can only be displayed using IE, so if you don’t have internet explorer or you hate it too much to use it, this extension lets you render websites in Chrome as if you are opening them in IE.
  • Coorliris : If you spend a lot of time on websites such as YouTube, Flickr, Google image search, or you just like to view albums of your friends on Facebook with style, then this extension is for you. It transforms your Chrome into a 3D wall, so you can browse hundreds of pictures and videos effortlessly and have fun while at it.
  • Speed Dial : If you open a group of websites frequently and your bookmarks bar isn’t big enough to squeeze them all, this extension replaces Chrome’s new tab with your predefined visual bookmarks, so that your favorite websites are always two clicks away.Untitled3
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery : Have you been in one of those situations when you’re working on a big form submission on the internet, and oops, you’re cut off, or an error occurred while you’re doing it, and the website asks you to rewrite everything! This extension saves you the trouble, it stores all your form entries so you can fill them again any time you want. 1002
  • Google Dictionary : With this extension, the definition of any word on the web is at the tips of your hands, just highlight the word in question and double click on it, and voila! the definition pop ups. English, French, German and Italian are among the supported languages. Untitled65
  • Feedly : RSS feeds are a way to be notified and receive updates about your favorite websites without the need to constantly check them. But if you have a large RSS feeds database, this becomes rather cumbersome, and tiring. So to keep things smooth, this extension lets you view your feeds in a stylish magazine like webpage with pictures and some sharing options. Untitled
  • AdBlock : Basically, this extension is an anti-ads weapon, it removes ads from websites, it even removes ads that are embedded in YouTube videos! Install this extension and say goodbye to ads.Untitled348231421

Your favorite extension isn’t listed here? Why don’t you share it with us in the comments section, we would love to see how you surf the internet…

Google Chrome isn’t good enough for you? Are you a Mozilla Firefox user? then stay tuned for Issa’s favorite extensions for the Firefox…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing :)
It really helped a lot.

Mosab Abu Nasser said...

Thanks a lot ,, really its more better than IE,, i will try some of these ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved this especially the dictionary option :)
How do we download Google Chrome? and is it okay to keep IE with Chrome?

Great blog

Elias H. said...

@Anonymous: You can download Chrome here :, and ya sure you can keep and use more than one internet browser, in fact most browsers can sync. between each other so you can access your favorites and other data from any browser!

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