Rock Your Firefox Browser

In a previous post my friend Elias showed you some of the cool extensions for your Google Chrome. But today it’s all about Firefox. fierfox eating ie
Being a Firefox user for 3 years now, I honestly think that it offers the best internet experience you can get. I’ve never thought of switching  to the old Microsoft internet explorer,  or any other internet browser.
I like Firefox for three main reasons:
  • Firefox is an  open source project which is developed by a large community of volunteering programmers from around the world, who simply believe that  internet browsing should be a good experience and available for everybody.
  • There are LOTs and LOTs of cool extensions that you can easily add to your browser by a single click.
  • Firefox has an outstanding support community on the web, so you’re never out there alone.
OK! enough talking now and lets cut to the chase and make your Firefox browser literally ROCK!
In order to use these extensions, you need to have Firefox running on your machine (DUH!) , you can download and install the latest version of Firefox from here.
ColorfulTabs: if you are tired of the way your tabs look , you can use ColorfulTabs; a cool add-on which allows you to color your tabs the way you like!


Foxtab: This is one cool extension that I really like ; It gives a whole new meaning to web browsing, trust me once you try this extension,  you will kiss tab browsing good-bye . ”just press both right and left mouse button at the same time to activate”


YouTube Video Downloader: I don’t have an internet connection at my place , and I really like to watch YouTube videos often, this add-on allows you to save any YouTube video in many formats allowing you to enjoy watching your videos without worrying about exceeding your internet download limit  :)   


Adblock Plus: Annoyed by adverts, banners and windows popping from nowhere ? then this is the right add-on for you, just install it and regain control of the internet and change the way that you view the web.
Firefox themes : There are lots of themes that you can use to personalize your browser the way you like, whether it is animal, geeky, or even simple themes, I am sure you will find something that will suit you !


Firefox’s philosophy is all about freedom and giving the user an ability to make a choice instead of sticking with a certain one. This is why I think Firefox is one of the best web browsers … you should give it a try !


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